European Institute of Consciousness Research

Exploring the healing potential of Psychedelics, Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, and Mindfulness in the context of Mental Health and Well-being .

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Education & Research 

We are part of a European network focused on new approaches to Mental Health and Well-being, with both academic, commercial and non-profit branches. We are a spin-off of the Department of Consciousness Research of SENSE-GARDEN. We collaborate with the Wisdom of Plants Institute and with the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Studying human experience

The European Institute of Consciousness Research is focused on the phenomenological dimension of Psychedelics, Meditation and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, studying how different methods and techniques can transform human experience and enable a meaningful personal journey.

Integrative Psychotherapy and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Free Course

Learn the basics of Integrative Psychotherapy with a focus on the healing potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness.

This introductory educational program will be available for free next course (2023-2024).

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